Opening new doors

“You reported a problem with your terminal?”I looked up from my paperwork, and my heart stopped. Lord, Lord, how could they send a man who looked like that to a woman’s private office? He was long and lean, with hips made to swivel as he pumped a woman’s pussy. My panties dug into my cunt as I uncrossed my legs and stood up.

“Yes,” I finally thought to say. I glanced at the name tag on his jacket. “It’s over here, David.” I showed him my PC and stood over him as he removed the cover, as though I was curious about what he was doing to the computer’s guts. Actually, I was more concerned about what he was doing to *my* guts. My stomach fluttered as I deeply but quietly inhaled the natural scent of real man. He attached some wires to some circuits and looked at the dial on one of his gadgets. “Is it a major problem?” I asked. *Please say yes!*

“Kind of. I can probably fix it here, but it may take a while,” he answered without looking up.

*Thank you! Thank you!*

He started to turn his head back and up to look at me as he said, “But if you’re busy, I can take it back to the shop and…” He stopped, staring at my thighs.I looked down and turned a dozen shades of red. I had unconsciously been massaging my pussy through my skirt. The front had wrinkled and pulled up to reveal the tops of my stockings and a glimpse of trim creamy thigh. “N-no,” I stammered. “Please stay.” I kept looking down into his green eyes as I reached for the intercom. “Stephanie, things are going to take a bit longer in here than I expected. So you may as well go to lunch early today. And leave the phone off the hook.””Yes, Ms. Hodgkins,” answered the voice over the intercom.*Why not?* I thought as I inched my skirt higher. After all, this stud wasn’t from the company, he was from the place that leases our computers to us. So he wouldn’t be spreading rumors downstairs about how he had nailed the boss’s daughter.

Opening new doorI grabbed his head as he buried his face in my crotch and sucked my juices through the light fabric of my panties. In the meantime, I stripped off my blazer and blouse. David held on to the hem of my skirt as I tried to pull it up and over my head. He followed it up, planting soft kisses on my tight stomach, on the insides of my larger- than-average breasts, the hollow of my throat, and finally on my lips. I sucked on his tongue as I tossed the skirt to the floor and he unhooked my bra. He massaged my tits with his masterful hands as he slowly worked his way back down my upper body. He kissed my mounds all over, tracing the faint red marks left by the lace of my bra. He took a hard nipple in his mouth, scraping the edges of the aureole as he took the bud between his teeth and nibbled lightly. Tremors ran down my spine all the way to my pussy.

David began moving down my body again. He licked around the inside of my belly button, making me giggle. He took the elastic band of my garter belt between his teeth and snapped it against my abdomen. The brief shock of the playfully slight sting served to arouse me even more. This man was fucking incredible!

He pulled my soaked panties down my thighs, following them with his lips. He licked the crevice where my thighs meet my pelvis before he zeroed in on my quivering pussy. I couldn’t stand it! He had been kissing and caressing me forever, and I wanted to cum! “Please,” I begged. “Please. My pussy.”

David smiled up at me. He dove into my dark auburn bush. He gave my labia a few luxurious licks before he thrust his tongue deep into my pussy and fucked it in and out for a few dozen rapid strokes. He tapped my clitoris with the tip of his tongue, and I gasped. Then he took my clit between his lips and sucked. Hard. And as he sucked, the tip of his tongue rapidly flicked my button, as soft as a butterfly’s wings and then as hard as a tiny jackhammer. I didn’t just have an orgasm; I CAME!

I collapsed into my chair. I’m sure David lost contact with my cunt, but it sure as hell didn’t feel like it as the last waves of my climax radiated out from my clitoris to the rest of my body. When I opened my eyes, David was shirtless. His well-formed chest was virtually hairless, with only a few blonde wisps on his sternum. I had fully recovered from my climax and went straight for his large bulge. I unfastened his slacks and yanked them down without unzipping them. When his massive cock sprang up and bounced around, it made me giggle because it reminded me of a jack-in-the-box I had when I was a littlegirl. Brother, I couldn’t wait to get *this* jack in *my* box!

I grasped his thick cock in one hand and bounced his hefty balls in the other. I found his prick fascinating. It was absolutely beautiful: the head almost purple and throbbing visibly, the small flap of crinkly scar tissue from his circumcision, the perfect straightness of the shaft, the wonderful blues and reds of the blood vessels. No work of art from any century could ever compare with this penis. Even if I never saw David again, I knew I would always be in love with his cock.

“Take it in your mouth,” David whispered to me.At that moment I wanted nothing more, but I also wanted a little revenge for the way he had teased me. “What?” I asked in a small, innocent-sounding voice.

“Please put it in your mouth.” He gasped this time. His fingers twitched and I knew he would masturbate for me if I asked him, he was so desperate to shoot his seed.”I don’t know if I can, sweetheart. It’s so long and thick. Look, I can’t even get my hand all the way around it.” Even with my hand fully stretched, there was still a small gap between the thumb and middle finger.

“Lick it then. Stroke it. Please, I need to cum.”

“Okay, I’ll try,” I said with a false note of hesitation in my voice.

I leaned forward and licked the drop of fluid leaking from the tip. I ran my tongue around the rim of the head and then traced it down the twitching muscle along the underside. I ran my tongue down the center of his scrotum, between the balls. I took each ball in my mouth in turn and gently nursed on it, slowly stroking his prick all the while. His breathing became heavy, and I worked my mouth all the way back up the shaft in an unending sloppy kiss. When I reached the head, I let the very tip enter my mouth. He was staring into my eyes, pleading. I winked at him and took half the length into my mouth. The tip reached the back of my throat and I fought the gag reflex, opened my throat, and swallowed him all the way to the root.

David doubled over with a tremendous groan and held my face in his pubic hair. I pulled his hands away and quickly backed away from his cock. Then I swallowed it again in one smooth motion. I fucked my mouth over his cock several more times, then let it slip entirely from my mouth. I lapped my saliva off his shaft, then swallowed it again.

David started fucking my mouth, and soon he was coming. I moved my head back until only the head of his cock was in my mouth so I could savor the taste of his cum. It was warm and salty, very thick and somewhat sweet. I could tell he didn’t smoke or drink from the flavor of his semen. Three of my previous lovers had been smokers and drinkers and I could always somehow taste the alcohol and tobacco in their jism. But David tasted clean and healthy. And he came a lot. I swallowed spurt after spurt of that delicious stuff, and when he started to dribble, I sucked out the dregs of cum and swallowed it all.

David leaned down and kissed me deeply. “Let’s move over to the sofa,” he said. He picked me up and carried me across the room to the large couch that comes in every executive’s office. He laid me down and knelt beside me to lick my pussy some more. I told him to get up there with me so we could 69. Soon I was hot and horny and he was stiff as a board. He twisted around and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of my pussy, stroking it up and down between my lips, caressing my clit with it. Then, without warning, he shoved it inside me.

I had had bigger objects in my pussy. Actually, two €€ one was my dildo and the other was a large cucumber. But David wasn’t just big, he really knew how to use his instrument. He made side-to-side and up- and-down motions as he thrust inside me, so that his cock created unequal pressures on the different walls of my pussy. He fucked me slowly and then rapidly, then slowly again, pushing to the brink of climax but never quite over. I had small orgasms, but never a single huge one like the first. But those petite ones numbered in the dozens as he fucked me for over an hour. I was exhausted but exhilarated as I squeezed my pussy muscles around his cock and tickled his balls with my fingernails, trying to make it as good for him as it was for me.Toward the end of this marathon, David rubbed my asshole and then eased a finger in. As the digit forced its way slowly up my ass, it brought me to a screaming climax. David smiled at me as I came down off my cloud. “You want something else in there?” he asked, pushing a second finger in.

“Yes! Your cock!” I blurted.

He pulled me up off the sofa. He piled all the cushions at one end and had me bend over the arm of the couch, with my elbows on the stack of cushions. “Have you ever let a man do this to you before?” he

asked. I shook my head. “I’ll be gentle,” he promised.

“You’ve got me so hot that I don’t care. Just put it in.”

He spread my ass cheeks and tickled my anus some more. Then I suddenly felt his tongue back there. It startled me so that I nearly hit the ceiling. But it felt incredible. David rimmed me with gusto, getting my ass wet enough to take his cock more easily. Then he stood up and put his cock back in my sopping pussy to get it wet as well. He placed it against my anus and slowly began pushing forward.It hurt like hell, and I was tempted to ask him to stop. But I didn’t graduate at the top of my college class by giving up when things got rough. I decided to bite my lip and just take it. I tried to get my asshole to open up to him, but it felt as though his cock was as big as a telephone pole. I despaired of him ever getting his cock inside my ass, and by now I was so hungry for it, I honestly believed I would never cum again until I got his cock in my butt to the balls.

Then, in an instant, the tip of the head breached my asshole! My heart sang as the agony momentarily left my mind. But as more of the head tried to enter me, I felt it get wider and wider. I thought my poor anus would be ripped apart. Slowly, ever so slowly, David pushed the entire head in. He paused for a moment and then began to force the veined shaft in. The widest part had already gotten past my asshole, so there was less pain from the tightly-stretched ring of muscle. However, the head was still working its relentless way up my rectum, expanding my most private, virginal flesh. My insides felt as though they would explode from the pressure building up. But David’s prick was not to be denied. It was inexorable.Eventually, he stopped. “It’s all in,” he informed me matter-of- factly. “How do you feel?”sexual experience

I felt like a Thanksgiving turkey, stuffed to the bursting point, but hot and moist. I felt a sense of accomplishment: like I had climbed Everest; like I had conquered the entire world; like I had taken a huge, hard prick all the way up my tiny, resistant asshole.I paused for a moment and worked the muscles of my rectum experimentally around his huge cock. “Wait a second,” I said. My ass gradually grew accustomed to the width and length of his cock. “Okay,” I answered after a time. “Go ahead. Fuck my ass.”

David proceeded to do just that. Slowly and gently at first, he moved his massive prick in and out of my butt. The more he stroked my ass, the more I liked it, as the pleasure gradually became more physical than psychological. I reached between my legs and fingered my clit. The pleasure made me loosen up even more. Soon, I was bucking back at him, taking his entire length in long, fast strokes. “You call that fucking?” I said over my shoulder. “Give it to me! Fuck me harder! Faster!”

David speeded up the pace of his thrusts.”I said, ‘FUCK ME HARDER!'” And he rammed his cock harder through my asshole. He was fucking my ass as though he was fucking my cunt. My ass squeezed him on the out strokes and loosened fractionally to let him back in. But I could feel that the fit was tighter than my cunt could ever give. He began corkscrewing just like he had in my pussy. I clawed the sofa cushions, concentrating on the sensations in my ass. I timed David’s thrusts and began humping back and screwing my ass in the opposite direction of his cock. David went crazy. He began fucking my butt even harder and faster, now more vigorously than he had my cunt. His thrusts became more irregular. I screamed out my climax to the world. Thank God for soundproofing. He shot his jism deep into my ass, hot spurt after wet spurt after wonderful spurt.I nearly blacked out again. I looked at the clock. Stephanie would probably be back soon, so I stole into the outer office, wearing just my stockings and heels, David’s cum starting to leak out of my openings. I was scrawling a quick note telling her she could leave for the day, when David sneaked up behind me and stuck his middle finger up my pussy and his index finger up my ass so suddenly that I let out a short scream. “Want to do it again?” he whispered, sucking my earlobe. My hand trembled with passion as I wrote. I looked down at the note; the penmanship was terrible but barely legible.

I staggered back into my office, David’s fingers still inside me, fucking my holes. I pushed his ass against the arm of the sofa and knelt in front of him. I took his semi-hard in my mouth and ran my tongue around it. I tasted his wonderful cum, and I also tasted the flavor of my own pussy and ass on hishardening prick. I sucked both of his fingers into my mouth and tasted the same mixture of flavors. Accuse me of vanity, but I found it delicious. I wondered what David’s asshole felt like and determined to find out.

I turned him around and gently pushed his upper body over the couch; his muscular ass stared me in the face. Now it was he who wasdraped over the couch and his ass cheeks that were being spread. David was almost hairless all over, his face was completely smooth and his pubic hair was light and thin. The crevice of his ass was no exception. His flesh was white and smooth, with a single pinkish-brown eye staring back at me. David wasn’t stupid; he knew what I was up to, and his puckered asshole winked in anticipation.

Feeling wonderfully wicked and adventurous, I buried my face between his ass cheeks. I licked his asshole lightly a couple of times. He tasted musky and very salty from his sweat. It didn’t taste quite as good as his cock, but when I thought about what I was doing, touching a man’s asshole with my tongue, the idea drove me crazy. I spread his cheeks with one hand and jacked his cock with the other while I licked and tongued his asshole.

After the way he had fucked me for nearly an hour, I was surprised to hear him call out that he was about to cum. It was probably the first time that someone had licked his asshole and it was affecting him the same way it was affecting me. Whatever the reason, I felt his cock begin to tense and pulse, so I released his cheeks and let them completely surround my face. I cupped my hand in front of his cockhead and let him shoot his cum into my palm. David went limp on the sofa. I spread his cheeks again, exposing his anus. I smeared his jism in the crack of his ass, using two fingers to scoop gobs of the warm fluid inside his asshole, then licked my hand to get the last of his cum. I shoved three fingers up my hand and two fingers up my ass and stared at his glistening ass crack. “Spread those beautiful buns for me, baby,” I said in my sluttiest, most depraved voice, because that was what I felt like €€ the filthiest, sexiest whore who ever lived.David reached back and pulled his cheeks wide apart. I leaned my face in again and slurped the thick cum from his ass while I thrust my fingers up my own private holes. “Wider,” I said. He pulled until his crack was bright pink from the strain. “Wider!” I ordered. He moved his fingers closer to his anus and pulled until his knuckles were white. His asshole opened up a little. *I could probably get my tongue in there if I worked at it*, I thought, hot with lust for the taste of his ass.FUCK ME HARDER

Growling like a hungry beast, I rimmed his asshole, sucking out the last of his cum from his asshole. Then I put the tip of my tongue right up against his slightly opened asshole and pushed. I made my tongue as stiff as I could and shoved so hard it felt like it would tear itself out at the roots. But then €€ success! David’s asshole opened and my tongue shot inside. I imagined that this was how David felt when he entered my ass at first. Except that I could *taste* ass as well as feel it. It was indescribable. I guess the closest analogy is caviar or a strong cheese. When you first have it on your taste buds, your nose wrinkles in distaste. But if you give it a chance, you shortly realize just how delicious it is. Soon I was totally enamored of the flavor of butt.

I forced my tongue in deeper and began to thrust in and out in timewith my fingers in my own ass and pussy. David whimpered as I fucked his butt with my tongue. I pushed it in to the root and wriggled it around, swabbing out his rectum. The taste of his ass flooded my senses and I fucked myself faster. I fucked my tongue in his ass until it ached, then pulled it out so I could suck my own spit out of his slick asshole, then shoved it back in so I could give his rectum a lingual massage. David’s asshole clamped down hard on my tongue just before he started to hump the couch as he shot his load, making it harder to keep my tongue in his anus. But I kept going as I approached my own, self-induced orgasm.

Then my office door suddenly opened. Stephanie came in looking intently at my note. “Ms. Hodgkins, I can’t quite make out what this…” There was a look of shock on her young face and I can understand why. Here was her boss, the respectable daughter of the company president, wearing nothing but shoes, stockings and garter belt; both hands buried in her cunt and asshole; cum seeping out of her butt, her face buried in the ass of the computer repairman, her tongue deep in his asshole.

“Ms. Hodgkins!” she cried.

“Stephanie!” I yelled, angry at her for disturbing me, hoping to intimidate her into keeping her mouth shut around the other secretaries.

“Claire,” she moaned, shutting the door and locking it. She quickly stripped out of her clothes. Her underwear was just as sexy as mine. Her blonde hair was long, with that studied messiness that fit her  job. Her heaving tits were only slightly smaller than mine, but her thighs were more shapely and looked firmer. Her bush was… gone! Her pussy was shaved completely bare! I could see her lips glisten from the juices that had already begun to accumulate. I may have looked shocking, but the scene I presented must also have been as sexy as hell!

She dropped to her knees behind me. She pulled my fingers out of my ass and replaced them with her tongue. She went to town on my ass, sucking David’s cum out of my butt. I came again and pulled my tongue out of David’s ass. I sat up and found Stephanie’s mouth plastered to mine. She thrust her tongue between my lips and I tasted David’s cum and my asshole again (Damn! I loved that taste!).We all spent the entire afternoon sucking and fucking each other. David was one fucking stallion. He shifted from one pussy, from one asshole to another, fucking us tirelessly, shooting load after load. One of my favorite positions was behind Stephanie and David. While he fucked that marble-hard cock in her ass, I sucked and tongue-fuckedSexy maid

his butthole. Then I licked his balls and ran my tongue down the length of his thrusting dick. Then I slurped on her juicy bare beaver, swallowing her delicious cum. Then I reversed the process, ending back at that male asshole. I went back and forth until David emptied his load in her ass. When he pulled out, I cleaned off David’s cock, then sucked all of his sweet cream out of Stephanie’s hot asshole.Stephanie turned out to be experienced in all kinds of anal sex. I was lucky to find a new girlfriend who could share my new kink. Certainly, our little “eccentricity” is what first brought us together, but Stephanie is more than a gorgeous slut with a perfect cunt and a penchant for my asshole €€ she says it’s the most delicious one she’s ever had her tongue inside €€ she is also a witty, intelligent, and very sensitive young woman. If she were a man, I’d marry her in a second.

Now we’re regular lovers. Stephanie moved into my house in one of the city’s nicer suburbs, but she keeps her apartment in town. After all, while the it’s okay to brag about screwing the secretary in the men’s executive washroom, it’s quite different if you’re a woman; and. poor Daddy would have a heart attack if he ever found out. Besides, it gives us a perfect place to go on our lunch break, when what we mainly eat is each other.

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